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Hey Babies! A few words about Dr. Shock.

Shock exploded onto the airwaves in 1989 on FOX 36. For 3 1/2 years he entertained and shocked northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan fans with his unique brand of humor and slapstick comedy. Every Sat. night at midnight you could "Turn off the lights... melt in your chairs and absorb the shock waves off the tele' and enjoy one of your favorite horror movies hosted by the zany antics of the Midwest's greatest horror host, Dr. Shock. When Dr. Shocks X-Ray Chiller Theatre was forced off the air by those !"#@? Infomercials, Agosti Arts Productions merged with L.O.S. Productions to form After Shock Productions. After Shock Productions is committed to producing the best in independent Horror films. All films are produced, directed, and written by Douglas G. Agosti and Lance Otto Smith as well as hosted by Dr. Shock... GO FIGURE!! First came "The Garden Tool Murders" (#1 in the thriller section of for several months) followed by another successful film "Demons Day" (shot in Hell-O-Vision) and the latest and greatest "The Town That Loved Pizza". Doug and Lance are currently in production with their new film "Bullet For A Vampire" to be released this spring/fall of 2002 and "The Dead And Breakfast" to be released this spring/summer 2003 as part of "Dr. Shock's Scary Stories" . All films are available on VHS cassette from our gift shop. Dr. Shock can also be seen on The Fright Channel and up and coming 24hr. 7 day a week all Horror Channel. For more info check out their link on our links page or go to


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